Impacted SuperNumery Tooth

Supernumerary teeth are those extra teeth present in addition to the normal series of primary or permanent tooth that occur in upper jaw ,lower jaw or both.

The incidence of supernumerary teeth is considerably high in upper incisor region, followed by upper third molar and lower molar, premolar, canine, and lateral incisor.

Supernumerary teeth hinder the eruption and alignment of permanent teeth.

• Crowded tooth alignment
• Retained milk teeth
• Rotated or displaced tooth
• Gum inflammation

Removal of a supernumerary tooth preventing permanent tooth eruption usually results in the eruption of the tooth, when adequate space is available in the arch.

Where there is adequate space and the permanent incisor tooth fails to erupt, surgical exposure of the incisor and orthodontic traction is usually required.

When implant placement is planned ,the Supernumerary teeth which are not hindering permanent tooth eruption are removed for stability of the implant.

when any permanent tooth is missing or displaced ,timely review with full mouth radiographs are extremely important to ensure normal eruption sequence and teeth alignment