Impacted Incisor Tooth

Upper and lower incisors are important for facial esthetics and speech and function.

Impacted incisor (front teeth) is the one that has failed to erupt into dental arch beyond the expected time. occurrence of impacted incisors are rare.

• Missing front teeth
• Retained milk teeth .
• Crowded alignment of front teeth
• Difficulty in speech

Removal of any obstructing over retained baby tooth or extra tooth or cyst in the path of eruption of permanent incisor.

surgical exposure of unerupted teeth followed with orthodontic repositioning of unerupted incisor.

When unerupted incisor is abnormally positioned or associated with any pathology or risk to adjacent teeth ,the impacted incisor is removed surgically followed by replacement of missing incisor(front tooth) with bridge or implant.

It is not uncommon for children to have variation in normal tooth eruptive patterns. Timely correction of impacted tooth prevents formation of cyst or tumour .

When any permanent tooth is missing, a full mouth radiographic examination is essential. With timely intervention the tooth can be surgically and orthodontically moved to functional position in the jaw.