PFM Crowns

PFM Crowns These caps are made up of two components. A metal "substructure" that fits over the trimmed tooth. and surface on the exterior with Porcelain to give the crown its tooth-like shape and colour. Well tolerated by the tissues but some patient’s show allergenic sensitivity with base metal alloys. Color of porcelain mimics natural teeth ,less translucent than all ceramic crowns. The porcelain-fused-to-metal and all-metal crowns can be considered to be stronger types of restorations. Metal ceramic dental crowns can make a good choice for either front or back teeth. Metal ceramic crown's have a very long, well documented history of providing lasting service.

Advantages of metal ceramic crowns:
Long lasting crowns Best fit and great strength Often cheaper than other types of crowns, for example all ceramic crowns.

Disadvantages of metal ceramic crowns:
The crown can be prone to chipping or a fracture.The risk of this occurring is due to the complexity of the fabrication procedure. Thicker type of crown which can mean the dentist having to remove a larger portion of your affected tooth. An aesthetic issue with metal ceramic crowns is that the metal base begins to expose around the gum line, if gum recession occur.

PFM Crowns Manually fabricated Chrome cobalt crowns. Less accuracy than machined Cr-Co crowns. Nickel alloys in the metal pose bio compatability risks. Manual metal casting process can generate porosity and uneven thickness of the metal layer which weakens the metal structure.

PFM CrownsMLS Machine designed Chrome cobalt crowns ensure a precise fit with highly accurate margins. Biocompatible crowns (free from toxic metal like nickel). Laser process ensures stronger and even metal density than manually made crowns. Has 5 yrs of company warranty.

PFM CrownsTilite is a pure ceramic alloy substructure below the porcelain layer. Most biocompatible metal, does not produce allergic reactions in the body. Tilite ceramic bond & compressive strength proved to be 30% greater than the highest rated precious alloy & more than twice that of the chrome cobalt alloy test to date. Tilite is the only alloy having the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and registration for “Medical devices Implanted in the body” from USA. Tilite alloy is ISO certified. Tilite ceramic alloy with Titanium has been used for hundreds of Implant cases since 1984 with 100% success rate. Tilite PFM is ideal to be used with Implants because of its Medical Purity. Has 10 yrs of company warranty.