Single/Multiple Tooth Replacement with Implants

Dental ImplantsAdvantages:
•Known retention
•Easy to remove / re-tighten if it were to become loose
•No risk of leaving residual cement which can act as irritant to gums.

•Dependent on implant orientation / angulation
•May be unesthetic

Dental Implants Advantages:
•Independent on implant orientation / angulation
•Enhanced esthetics

•Unknown retention
•Can be difficult to remove

Made by CAD-CAM
Zirconia with high translucency.
High precision fit and good esthetics.
Full zirconia - No ceramic layer chipping
No wearing with opposing natural teeth
High flexural strength of more than 1100MPa.
High temperature resistance up to 26000 C.
Has 15 yrs lab warranty.

Extremely translucent zirconia
Ideal for front tooth region
No ceramic chipping
No wearing of opposing natural teeth

High translucency
Made by CAD CAM
5Yrs lab warranty

Made by CAD-CAM
High translucency
High Strength
Less wear to opposing natural teeth
Has 5yrs lab warranty