Impacted PreMolar Tooth

Its a premolar tooth embedded in the bone so that its eruption is prevented by the bone or adjacent tooth. Commonly the lower jaw premolars are impacted and the upper premolar impactions are rare.

• Painful or painless impacted tooth site
• Swelling or bulge in the impacted tooth site
• Missing tooth or misaligned tooth.

Treatment options for impacted teeth include observation, surgical exposure along with orthodontically (braces) assisted tooth eruption or surgical removal of impacted tooth.

Usually the surgical removal procedures will be done under local anaesthesia (numbness of mouth only), or it may be done under sedation or general anaesthesia.

The impacted premolar removal involves raising the gum flap, removing the covering bone. And the wound is cleaned and sutured .One week after tooth removal, the sutures are removed by the dentist after checking the healing.

Timely correction of impacted tooth prevents formation of cyst or tumour .

When any permanent tooth is missing, a full mouth radiographic examination is essential. with timely intervention the tooth can be surgically and orthodontically moved to functional position in the jaw.

The surgical procedure although a little extensive yields excellent results and leaves no residual cosmetic or functional impairment.