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Dental Implants have now become a widely used method to replace missing tooth. A tooth implant is done using metal frames that are positioned beneath the gums, surgically. Basically, a dental implant is a replacement for the root of a tooth. They are secured to the jawbone and can be used to attach crowns or dentures. These are generally made from Titanium. They help you look and feel completely natural, irrespective of the problem they solve!

There are different kinds of dental implants and the right one for you can only be declared after a physical check-up. But essentially, they provide a support for artificial teeth to be attached. However, not everyone can get these implants. It is necessary to have enough bone and healthy gums to allow the implants to be stable. While this method is more expensive than a simple tooth replacement, it is long lasting and comfortable for the patients.

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Arudhra Dental Care provides the best dental implants in Saligramam. Our dentists are highly qualified and vastly experienced in the field of tooth implants. We use only the best implant materials and provide continuous care and comfort to the patient.