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These days, braces seem to be a very simple and easy method to correct crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. This is in fact the truth. Braces work based on the simple concept of applying pressure continuously, urging the teeth to move in a specific pattern.

Arudhra Dental Care - Braces

This teeth movement changes the shape of the bone as the pressure is continuously applied on it. There are several different kinds of braces and they are usually prescribed to patients based on their specific needs.
The duration for wearing braces depends on the individual and the severity of the problem. More often than not, after the braces are removed, patients are required to wear retainer for a short time frame in order to make sure that the teeth stay in place.

Baring few lifestyle changes, like brushing your teeth regularly, preferably after every meal, avoiding hard food items, patients can lead a normal life.

Rapid innovation ensures that braces have become lighter and smaller, even invisible. Arudhra Dental Care is adept in all types of braces and we make sure to recommend the right one for you.

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Arudhra Dental Care in Saligramam provides the best braces treatment in the whole city of Chennai. We provide both visible, invisible and other modern types of braces to our patients of all ages.